Monday, January 23, 2006

In case you didn't hear already, the station is operating at 10% power due to some technical problem. If you can't pick up the station, you can either try listening at, or you can wait until later when I post the archive.

playlist for january 23, 2006

Minibosses "Megaman 2" Brass
14 Year Old Girls "Ballad of Rockman" Strategy Guide
Tender Forever "Hot" The Soft and the Hardcore
data Panik "Sense Not Sense" Cubis/Sense Not Sense 7"
The Advantage "MEGAMAN II-Stage Select + Metal Man" elf-titled
jammypants "theme song"
jammypants "thoughts while knitting" left out
Saint Etienne "Milk Bottle Symphony" Tales From Turnpike House
The Pancakes "Etienne" Sofa #1
Fitzgerald "Bloody Stumps" Raised By Wolves
Colin Clary "i'm glad you like my songs, Liz!" demo
Colin Clary "boogiepop rocks!" demo
Moog Cookbook "More Than a Feeling" Plays the Classic Rock Hits
Sleater-Kinney "More Than a Feeling"
The Gossip "Yr Mangled Heart" Standing in the Way of Control
Ponies in the Surf "New Century Program" Ponies on Fire
Frequent Flyer "Paris Blue" Frequent Flyer
Duplex "Salad Song" Ablum
Calvin Johnson "When You Are Mine" Before the Dream Faded
Nirvana "Sliver" Sliver-The Best of the Box
Dressy Bessy "Carry-On" SoundGoRound
Tiara "We Learned From the Best" Chained to the Crown
The Twilight "It's Such a Drag" demo
Harry and the Potters "Fred and George" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
The Frogs "Psychedelic Eyes"
Rose Melberg "The Time Has Come" It's on her MySpace
The Gossip "Coal To Diamonds" Standing in the Way of Control

I would be interested to know how many people are downloading the MP3 during a typical week.
Twilight track titles:

1. Walking Down The Street
2. It's Such A Drag
3. Where I'm Going To Be
Hey, I just discovered your show, and the double dose of Boston covers made me happy like a squirrel on my way to work. So I guess you can count me in to start downloading the shows, cause unfortunately I work on the East Side and I always miss the last half just as I hit 271 :(

Thanks for not having a crappy radio show :)
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