Monday, January 16, 2006

playlist for january 16, 2006

Minibosses "Super Mario Bros. 2" Brass
jammypants "drastic conclusions" left out
The Haircuts "it's in the stars" it's always better when we're together
Ponies In the Surf "Little Boy Lost" Ponies On Fire
The Softies "Heart Condition" It's Love
The Softies "It's Love" It's Love
Tullycraft "Every Little Thing" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
data Panik "cubis" cubis/sense not sense 7"
bis "i'll get you back" intendo
Amy Kasio "I Am the Man" Lick My Key
Tender Forever "Every Monday" The Soft and the Hardcore
Tender Forever "Make Out" The Soft and the Hardcore
Sonic Youth "Bone" Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star
Luna "La Poupee Qui Fait Non" pop romantique
The Twilight "Walking Down the Street"
PINE*am "mackerel sky" Pull the Rabbit Ears
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re "Fish Cakes" Pregnant Fantasy
The Shins "One By One All Day" Oh, Inverted World
Tiara "Green & Grey" Chained to the Crown
Churchbuilder "vespa" Patty Darling
Fitzgerald "Bloody Stumps" Raised By Wolves
jammypants "danielle pittner!" left out
My First Keyboard "Hey Friend!" U.S. Pop Life Vol. 5
data Panik "Rulers of the State" (download from data Panik website)
Mew "Am I Wry? No"
The Advantage "CONTRA-Alien's Lair & Boss Music" elf-titled
The Advantage "CASTLEVANIA-Intro + Stage 1" elf-titled
Minibosses "Punch Out" Brass

take care
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