Monday, January 02, 2006

playlist for january 2, 2006

Part 1 of the 2005 No Money Mark Memorial Year-In-Review Countdown

57. The Maybellines "Autumn, September" A La Carte
56. buttersprites "Dog Food" buttersprites
55. Lou Barlow "Round -N- Round" EMOH
54. R. Shand "U Wanna Be a Grip" U Wanna Be a Grip single
53. Burka Band "Burka Blue"
52. Miss Mary "Silly Boy, Don't Be So Sad" Ready 2 Pop
51. Florida "The Girl On the Escalator"
50. Elekibass "All the People Come, Let's Get Down" Welcome Wonderful World
49. Saturday Looks Good To Me "I Don't Want to Go" I Don't Want to Go/Disaster 7"
48. Red Pony Clock "Hayward Gurlzz" Tunes from Terrace Towers
47. Electric Grandmother "Bob Saget Marches On" Pee Sells... But Who's Buying?
46. Maria Taylor "One For the Shareholder" 11:11
45. Palomar "Stay Out Late" Palomar 3.5
44. Bunnygrunt "Nobody Rides For Free" Karen Hater's Club
43. Marbles "Out of Zone" Expo
42. Elliott the Letter Ostrich "Pink Dracula" Blood Cape
41. the evens "around the corner" the evens
40. Ed in the Refridgerators "The Pope Song (Historically Accurate Version)" Get Excommunicated
39. New Grenada "Nerd Alert" Parting Shots
38. Land of Ill Earthquakes "Long Winter" Land of Ill Earthquakes EP
37. kanda "list" all the good meetings are taken
36. The Dirty Moons "Dreaming" Asaurus Records EP Club #10
35. Pants Yell! "Tram #7" Asaurus Records EP Club #10
34. The Brunettes "The Record Store" Mars Loves Venus
33. The Wiggins "Johnny" Greatest Apes
32. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir "I Know a Girl" i bet you say that to all the boys
31. Apples In Stereo "Liza Jane" Dimension Mix
30. The Mathletes "I Hate Bright Eyes (Battle Rhyme)" Jest and Earnest
29. Sleater-Kinney "Modern Girl" The Woods
28. Tender Forever "Tender Forever" The Soft and Hardcore
27. The Snow Fairies "The Stone Pony" get married
26. Snow Machine "Birmingham" Snow Machine
25. The Gossip "Standing In the Way of Control" Standing In the Way of Control 12"
24. Colin Clary and the Magogs and Friends "Good Vibrations" You Already Have Way Too Many CD-Rs

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