Monday, January 16, 2006

so, what's the radio equivalent of a "hallraker"?

So, yeah, the big story today was how a lot of the Internet audience dropped off when I played the Minibosses doing "Super Mario Bros. 2". I was surprised. I thought everyone played that game. And how could anyone not love the part where they do the cave theme. The drumwork on that part is just so amazing!

And then, near the end of the show, I played some stuff by the Advantage (the other big video game cover band--we just got their CD at the station) and ended with the Minibosses doing "Punch Out".

Here are the links so you can listen to all the drama for yourself:

1/16/06 Part 1
1/16/06 Part 2

Also, you can still listen to the whole 2005 singles countdown. The links are in the post below today's playlist.

whoa, you got the new advantage cd in but you didn't play ducktails - moon? c'mon dude
I figured I could sit on that track and play it another week.

I hate to say it, but I had the game, was a fan of the TV show, and know that it's supposed to be spelled "DuckTales".

Anyway, the moon track is actually a very popular song to cover/remix. You'll find a lot of remixes of it if you go to OverClocked and VGMix.
i always felt that super mario 2 was the best one in the series simply for the sheer fun and variance to the other ones.

toad fucking rocks.
I'm listening to the show for the first time as an MP3 because this semester I have to teach on Mondays during almost all of the show. I appreciate it being on MP3 format.
Well, I liked Super Mario 2.
Well, you know, _Datapanik in the Year Zero_ is the name of the Pere Ubu collection that came out a few years ago.

Boogiepop's voice sounds slightly different on MP3.
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