Monday, January 09, 2006

"uh uh uh oh"--the most astute words of wisdom uttered in 2005

Right after the show today, Elizabeth (from Cool Chick #59, one of the other shows on this station) called to ask about that Mirah song that I played, and said it was the greatest song she ever heard. In her entire life. And I didn't include it on the countdown (and yes, that version was released this year, on the same compilation as that Blow song that I put in the countdown). Whoops.

Anyway... At that Tullycraft show last summer, I talked to one of the members of Tullycraft (I forget which one... it wasn't Sean or Jenny, I know that), and he said that after he recorded Jenny's vocals for that song, he just kept listening to them over and over again. I don't know, there's just something mesmerizing about those "uh uh uh oh" vocals.

And today, I'm officially retiring "Matthew Modine" and "Abortion". I was going to play other songs by the respective artists in place of them, but I thought that would be lame. So, I just decided to pull out "Matthew Modine" one more time, as well as risk things with a censored version of "Abortion". I'm very sure that I covered my ass with the way I censored those songs, so no one had better lodge any complaints against them. But yeah, in this delicate political climate, I'm going to have to play it safe, so I'm not playing those songs over the air again.

To be honest, though, I'm not going to be that sad if I get kicked off the air. I don't know if this show is really going anywhere, or if people are heeding my unique take on the world of music. I think it would further the cause of twee more if I started my own band, got as big as Kiddo, and played shows with all the great twee bands whenever they come to Cleveland. That way, I could get people to come to see my band, and then stay for the Smittens or whatever other great band might be brave enough to come here.

Anyway, I need to go now, so here are the MP3s for today's show. By the way, the offer to restore the songs that went missing from last weeks MP3s due to that CD recorder malfunction is still on the table. If a couple more people say that they want it, I'll re-record those songs and post up a new MP3 here. Anyway, here's today's show:

1/9/06 Part 1
1/9/06 Part 2


I haven't been listening for the last few weeks because I've been away from my office to be in Ohio for the holidays, and I just got back last night.

While I was visiting friends in DC from my Ohio State days, one of them told me that the actor who plays Harry Potter had an interview in _Mojo_ magazine. He evidently gave an interesting list of bands he likes, one of which I don't think I have heard played on your show. The band I think is _Hope of the States_.
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