Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy not christmas!

Here are the links for today's show:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Radiothon is next week. We rely on listener support to keep the station running year after year. And we also use it as a popularity contest to see who has the most loyal listeners. I don't care about the popularity contest aspect, but if you like this show, please call in during my show next week and make a pledge. And if my show isn't your favorite show on WCSB, then please donate to whatever show you like. Thanks for your support!

As a favor in return for my donation, I might request that you agree to shout, "GO BUCKS" during you show before the big OSU-Michigan game on 18 November, but I know that you are not yet that much of a whore, so I'll give my money with no strings attached.
The bad grammar was also using the adverb "there" as a form of passive voice, i.e. "There are 25 minutes left." is not really appropriate grammar. Where are these 25 minutes? Rather, use active voice: "25 minutes remain in today's show." See how much more clarity and impact that latter sentence has? Please forgive me but I am now reading and correcting papers.
I'll shout "GO BUCKS" if you put your college ID picture on your MySpace. That pic is priceless!
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