Tuesday, November 21, 2006

playlist for november 21, 2006

set 1
Gingerbread Patriots "One Idea For Two New Friends" Wax Lips and Hummingbirds
Actual Birds "Tender Shades of Fuchsia and Griege" Vive La Fantastique Avec Actual Birds and Friends
Azure Ray "New Resolution" Hold On Love
The Blow "Eat Your Heart Up" Paper Television
CSS "Alala" Cansei De Ser Sexy
Magnetic Fields "Heather, Heather" Pieces of April Soundtrack
Parks and Recreation "Break Into Song!" Parks and Recreation

set 2
Ghetto Squirrels "Old McDonald Had a Factory Farm" Sergio Van Lukenstein's Unjustified Thanksgiving Episode
The Twilight "The Sound" Summer Sweet Summer
Slomo Rabbit Kick "Man's Routine Is to Work and Dream" Horatory Examinations
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "Seems to Be On My Mind" #3
The God Damn Doo Wop Band "Rooftops of Bangor" Broken Hearts
El Perro Del Mar "People" El Perro Del Mar
Butter 08 "Butter of 69" Butter 08
The Evens "Dinner With the President" Get Evens
Vulcan Freedom Fighters "Doomsday Machine" Stardate Unknown
Leonard Nimoy "I Walk the Line" [one of those Golden Throats CDs]

set 3
Dead Milkmen "Bitchin' Camaro (The Best Thanksgiving Ever)" If I Had a Gun EP
Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" The C.D. Version of the First Two Records
Tullycraft "How We Killed the Riot Grrrls" Singles Collection
The Parcels "Minor Disturbance Grrrl" Have a Go With the Parcels
Amy Kasio "I am the Man" Live on Tea and Strumpets
Mirah "La Familia (Guy Sigworth)" joyride: remixes
Cake On Cake "1981" I Guess I Was Daydreaming

Hey Sergio,

Was that first, really sweet, song with lyrics about Christmas the Gingerbread Patriots?
Yes. ^_^
I know you said you weren't going to play anything rockin on your show, but these dudes rock!
kewl, finally got to hear Amy Kasio, thnx!
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