Tuesday, November 28, 2006

playlist for november 28, 2006

set 1
Dressy Bessy "All the Right Reasons" Little Music
Dressy Bessy "Hey May" Dressy Bessy
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "Rent a Wreck" #3
ballboy "i wonder if you're drunk enough to sleep with me tonight" a guide to the daylight hours
The Shapiros "Month of Days" The Shapiros
Hayden "We Don't Mind" Everything I Long For

set 2
The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man" Acoustic: Live in Newport
Yo La Tengo "Beanbag Chair" I am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Casper & the Cookies "Kiss a Friend" The Optimist's Club
The Shins "Phantom Limb" Phantom Limb
Saturday Looks Good to Me "No Reception" No 7"
Please Step Out of the Vehicle "Every Molecule" Sleeping Right and the Best in Homeopathic Magic
Belle and Sebastian "Beyond The Sunrise" fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
Beat Happening/Screaming Trees "Tales of Brave Aphrodite" Music to Climb the Apple Tree By

set 3
The Blow "Parentheses" Paper Television
Stephin Merritt "The Meaning of Lice" Plague Songs
Amy Kasio "Since U Been Gone" live on Tea and Strumpets
Amy Kasio "Safety Dance" lil A gets nasty and lofibri under the covers
bis "monstarr" the new transistor heroes
winterbrief "art-loft rebel" complaints from the beauty class
CSS "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" Cansei De Ser Sexy
Mirah "The Fruits of Your Garden (Khaela Maricich remix)" joyride: remixes
Mirah "The Garden" College Park Is Always Ready to Party

set 4
Shonen Knife "Giant Kitty" Genki Shock!
Polysics "I My Me Mine" Now is the time!
The Pipettes "Why Did You Stay?" We Are the Pipettes

I am good with a regular show. Maybe a sample of what can be looked forward to, but maybe only a song or two.
Well that was fun, for about 30 seconds. I managed to kill the feed and am not following the conversation as I am supposed to be working. I think it is cool that you have it and will check it out if you are online with it.
You can hold off on the Xmas show for next week, but be sure to get at least one all Xmas song show before the holidays
If I were a college radio programmer, I would just "sprinkle" in a couple of holiday songs per show until the end of the season.

By the way...loving the show today.
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