Tuesday, December 05, 2006

playlist for december 5, 2006

set 1
Sonic Youth "Three-Part Sectional Love Seat" The Destroyed Room
cars & trains "an abandoned city street" 2 a.m.
Stephin Merritt "The Meaning of Lice" Plague Songs
The Gothic Archies "We Are the Gothic Archies" The Tragic Treasury: Songs From a Series of Unfortunate Events
La Guerre Des Tuques "MXP" La Guerre Des Tuques
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Blue Christmas" Sound On Sound

set 2
Oval-Teen "Eight Great Days" I Made It Out of Clay
Oval-Teen "The Record Player Song" Yorkville, IL
The Boy Least Likely To "I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star" The Best Party Ever
Beth Ditto "Every Day Is Christmas With You" Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album
The Gossip "Standing In the Way of Control" Live In Hamburg
The Blow "Pardon Me" Paper Television

set 3
Dumbledore "Drop the Needle, It's Christmas" A Magical Christmas of Magic with Harry and the Potters
Draco and the Malfoys "All I Want For Christmas" A Magical Christmas of Magic with Harry and the Potters
Draco and the Malfoys "Your Family Is Poor" Draco and the Malfoys
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "Loop Duplicate My Heart" #3
Racetrack "Recidivism" Go Ahead and Say It
The Bright Ideas (featuring Rose Melberg) "When You Think About Christmas Time" All Is Calm, All Is Bright
Phranc "Hanukkah Snowman" Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album

set 4
Mirah "Don't Die In Me (Nighttime In the Delta Mix)" joyride: remixes
Sonic Youth "Razor Blade" The Destroyed Room
El Perro Del Mar "Oh! What a Christmas" It's Not Like Christmas
Knight & Doble "The Man With All the Toys" 2006 SSM Holiday Compilation
Knight & Doble "Marshmallow World" 2005 SSM Holiday Compilation
Sugar Cookie "Hot Chocolate Youth" Sugar Cookie
Apples In Stereo "Holiday Mood" (Internet single)

hello - could you post an mp3 of set3 for out-of-towners?
t's already there. I posted the whole show in two parts. So, it's on "Part 2". Sorry for the confusion.
Actually, I think part of set 3 is in "Part 1" and the other half is in "Part 2". I'm not sure. But the whole show is contained within those two parts.
got it, thanks a lot
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