Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year

And so, I did manage to get all 59 songs of the 2006 year-in-review countdown played within two weeks. If you didn't hear the show live and you want to listen to the MP3s, I recommend that you don't look at the playlist (in the post below this one) so you avoid seeing any spoilers.

Next week, we'll be going back to mostly regular programming, except I'm also going to honor the two best reissues of 2006, and also play some of the disappointing releases of 2006.

I've also got some great new stuff to play. Like the Zambonis/Harry and the Potters split 7". And the new Sloan CD. And the new Of Montreal 7". And the Awesome Animal Ambulance album that was released in 2005, but I didn't find out about until last month. And the final Patty Duke fanzine release, which is a CD containing all the tracks from the previous Patty Duke fanzine 7-inches, as well as some new stuff. And some other stuff that I can't remember right now.

That's all that I can think of saying for right now. Here are the MP3s...

Part 1
Part 2


The transfer rate for both parts is under 2 KP/sec and then the download stops.

I might try again during a non-peak internet traffic time.
I was able to download the files this afternoon here in my office, using the Wright State University server. The first part, though, downloaded at 2-3 Kb/s. The second part downloaded at 15.
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