Tuesday, January 16, 2007

playlist for january 16, 2007

Azure Ray "Across the Ocean" Hold On Love
Julie Doiron "Yer Kids" Woke Myself Up
El Perro Del Mar "Here Comes That Feeling" El Perro Del Mar
Rose Melberg "The Orchard" Cast Away the Clouds
Strong Bad "Trogdor" download from Homestarrunner.com
The Helper T-Cells "Bugs in the Butter" Live From Cleveland 1/11/07
The Helper T-Cells "India Rose and Her Ten Tiny Toes" Live From Cleveland 1/11/07
Sloan "Underwhelmed" Smeared
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Let Me Stand Next to Your Flower" (live) Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
The Bartlebees "Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart" Urban Folk Legends
The Postmarks "Weather the Weather" The Postmarks
Sloan "Something's Wrong" Never Hear the End of It
Sloan "Ana Lucia" Never Hear the End of It
Arcade Fire "Intervention" Intervention single
Arcade Fire "Cold Wind" Six Feet Under: Everything Ends Vol. 2
Of Montreal "Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider" She's a Rejecter 7"
Saint Etienne "Lightning Strikes Twice" Tales From Turnpike House
Kanda "Turtle" It's a Good Name For You
The Battle Royale "Confessions" Sparkle Dust Fantasy
Stereo Total "Half Hearted Kisses" Patty Duke Fanzine #6: Love to Patty
Harry and the Potters "The Forbidden Forest Hockey League" Harry and the Potters/Zambonis 7"
Draco and the Malfoys "99 Death Eaters" Draco and the Malfoys
Land of Ill Earthquakes "Don't Pose For the Picture" On a Holiday '06
Sloan "Everything You've Done Wrong" One Chord to Another
Kiddo "Neverday" Okay Sweetheart
Apples In Stereo "Helium" New Magnetic Wonder (bonus track)
ShiSho "Daddy's Womp" demo
Sloan "The Good In Everyone" One Chord to Another

The Arcade Fire single was really lame; sounded like late early-period Simple Minds
I suggest for an animal mascot a male Beta fighting fish. Why, you ask? Because:

1) It is beautiful, but highly fragile, requiring a special environment and care by its owners (stakeholders).

2) It is proud but too stupid to know it.

3) Only one may exist in your world because otherwise two in the same tank will tear each other apart.

Different sounds which associate with it include of course typical fish bubble sounds, but supplementary sounds might include anthropomorphic representations of the kind of the kind of thoughts passing through the male Beta's mind, allowing much range for programmer creativity.
i'll have you know that Harry and the Potters are now my myspace friends and it's all because of Boogiepop Does Not Smile.

also if WRUW has adopted the Beagle as a mascot they've yet to inform the staff. Not a bad idea, tho..

sade under cloak of anonymity
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