Tuesday, January 16, 2007

you're listening to wruw 91.1, the home of the beagle!

I'm not going to be able to post the show until late tonight. So check back around midnight. Or check back tomorrow after you wake up, I guess.

For now, in case you didn't hear the show live, I'm trying to take suggestions on what kind of animal mascot WCSB should have.

What brought that up was the Helper T-Cells' performance on WRUW's Live From Cleveland last Thursday. While they were on there, they had a friend pretend to be a WRUW DJ and say, "You're listening to WRUW 91.1, the home of the Beagle!" And that made me wonder... What kind of animal mascot would WCSB have if it did have a mascot?

I didn't give my own idea for a mascot on the air, but I guess I'll give it to you now. My idea was the sloth. Because WCSB is working class and somewhat lazy. Then again, the sloth might be too cute to be working class.

Suggestions from listeners included:
the slug
the carp
the phoenix
the elephant
the humpback whale
the male beta fighting fish

So, anyone else have an idea? Post a comment below if you have one.

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