Tuesday, March 20, 2007

stop the bombs before they start...

I'm feeling quite tired right now, so I'm not going to write much here. Just listen to the show. Everything that you need to know is in there.

And I'd love to hear your opinion on whether or not the Shins and/or the Arcade Fire are indie enough for my show.

Oh, and I have a correction to make. During the show, I say that the name of the Maria Taylor song that I played was "No Stars". It's actually "Smile and Wave". Oops.

And listen for that new hit single by the Smittens. It rules!

So, here's the show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

I personally find the Shins to be overrated and simply a competent pop band. The Arcade Fire's first album was equally overrated though pretty good. From what I've heard of the new one, I believ they've overstayed their welcome. I suppose these bands are technically indie, but their popularity makes the line between indipendent and mainstream a little fuzzier. I personally prefer the indie/mainstream hybrid of Modest Mouse. You should play them more often.

ps. Sorry for not hookin you up with the tape. I did make it, but I was under the weather the day of the Potter show. I will try and get it to you at some point I suppose. I'm going to the YLT show; you?
Oh no! Only 2 people have downloaded the show! Is something wrong?

Matt: I don't know yet if I'm going. I bet YLT is going to sell out like crazy.

I'd still like the tape. If you do give it to me, I actually do have the ability to put it on CD. ^_^
How quickly do people download? I mean, I didn't have time until this weekend to listen to the show.

Of course, it is good, and it lifts my spirits.
Songs about bees??!!
About this SoundExchange reporting requirement, WCSB doesn't have to pay any fees, does it? Is this nightmare over or not, even if only temporarily?
Let It Bee... songs about bees and/or honey. I've been listening to that Smittens song over and over again. "Sometimes I feel like a drone without any queen..."

Anyway, I guess the nightmare is just not as bad as we thought it was going to be. We don't have to fill out 11 fields on the spreadsheet like we thought we were going to, and I guess the fees aren't as bad as they were going to be.

Still, it's bullshit because a lot of the artists we play aren't going to see a fucking dime as a result of this reporting. I doubt the Smittens will ever see any money. Maybe bigger bands like the Arcade Fire and the Shins will, though. -_^
How about Bears at Bela Dubby in Arpil?
Regarding Italian Twee, yesterday I recalled that our beloved, late Sergio a couple of years ago had a bit on a release consisting of 15-20 second musical odes to each of the ~274 popes, called something like _The Religious Life_.

Regarding the other topic; if one wanted to be the perennial American optimist, one might hope that when Sound Exchange or whomever gets the playlists, they may pay closer attention to previously unknown talent.
Matt: Maybe, I'll know closer to the date.

Ben: The CD was called "Il Programma Di Religione". And actually, it was released by an American label. But yeah, I actually had two tracks on there. One was credited to Sergio Van Lukenstein, and the other was credited to "Virgins Live, Sluts Die", which might be the name of my real band if I ever get it off the ground.

As for SoundExchange noticing good music... eh... I don't know if they care. I guess I don't share your optimism. Oh well, I hope no more bullshit like that rears its ugly head. We'll see...
yay! I'm glad you are digging on C'mon!

thanks for being so awesome!

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