Tuesday, April 24, 2007

playlist for april 24, 2007

Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil "Cattle Call Pt. 1" Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil
Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil "Tummy Hop" Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil
The Make Up "Wade In The Water" Untouchable Sound
Maxmilian Hecker "Your Stammering Kisses" I'll Be a Virgin, I'll Be a Mountain
Maxmilian Hecker & Niina Susanna Rinne "The Days Are Long and Filled With Pain" Lady Sleep [I think this might only be on the iTunes version of this album]
The Hat Company "Tide" Fair Weathered Friends
The Hat Company "Anatomy of the Animal's Attitude" Fair Weathered Friends
The Icicles "Crazy" Arrivals & Departures
Casper & the Cookies "Hey Mr. Superstar" The Optimist's Club
The Smittens "C'mon (Where the Grass Grows Tall and Green)" Let It Bee
Entertainment System "Metroid-Brinstar" The Computer Always Cheats
Animal Style "Tetris (Music 3)" Power Up! Mutilations and Mutations of 8-Bit Hits
The Blow "The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide (Lucky Dragons Newage Powermix)" Poor Aim: Love Songs (reissue)
Charlotte Gainsbourg "The Songs That We Sing" 5:55
Jens Lekman "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death" SC100
Marmoset "Sky Phenomenon" SC100
The Postmarks "Looks Like Rain" The Postmarks
Trembling Blue Stars "Abba on the Jukebox" Her Handwriting
Camera Obscura "Super Trouper" Tears For Affairs EP
Kiddo "'Til My Face Turns Blue" Okay Sweetheart
Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil "Cattle Call Pt. 2" Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil

I like both versions of the slug jingle so use both of them. A WCSB slug logo might be useful in pushing my preference in one direction or the other.
I preferred the dry version, but I think you should find a wet one that works. IMO is needs something a little less grinding and more slick (you know...sluggyish).
Besides Eric, who provides the verbal dramatization in the slug jingle? Who says, "euuuuwwwh!"
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