Tuesday, April 03, 2007

sims 2: a theodicy adventure

Download the show if you haven't already listened to it! If you like hearing me talk, you'll love today's show. Especially during Part 1...

I just got the Sims 2 "Seasons" expansion pack, and so I played some Sims 2 this weekend. And then I got to thinking about the basic tenets of Christianity again, since Easter is this Sunday. And the combination of circumstances inspired a whole mindset of enlightenment concerning the problem of theodicy...

It scares the shit out of me whenever I think about what I've done while playing the Sims, and how I've treated and felt towards my Sims. Eek...

Just listen to see what I'm talking about.

Also, you'll get to hear something from the new Bears EP. And the Icicles doing a cute song from the point of view of a cat. And this really awesome band I just discovered called Oh No! Oh My!

And check this out if you haven't already. It's one of the greatest things ever.

Here's the show...

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

Eric, you must be psychic; your _Let It Bee_ selections came out just before the current reports of the deaths of most of the US bee population in big agricultural states due to mysterious causes. You are performing a sort of _Live Aid_ prescient consciousness raising function for our insect bretheren.
Just thought I'd tell you. THE WIGGINS(remember??) will have a song on the CBS sitcom "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" on monday APRIL 9th(2-day)..the song is "WHEN I GET UP"
you can hear it here:
that is all...
also, you really need to start playing a band called "FINALLY PUNK" out of AUSTIN.. you'll be ahead of the curve and you can thank me later.
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