Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[sings zelda overworld theme]

I'm like the Brian Jonestown Massacre of college radio.

If you watch the movie, Dig!, you see how Anton Newcombe (BJM's frontman) fouls up every chance at success that BJM has. Onstage at South-by-Southwest, a BJM show erupts in a fight between the band members. At a solo acoustic show, he gets arrested for kicking an audience member in the head.

So it goes with me. I foul up every chance I have at success, too. I think it has something to do with me being part emo, and therefore having ovaries (according to the The Emo Game, all emo boys have ovaries), which keep me from getting too successful so that my indie integrity will be maintained at all times. That's why I quit doing Sergio Van Lukenstein in its prime. And today is another example.

WRUW was off the air. I think I may have gotten more listeners than usual because of that. (On a side note, I do not rejoice in WRUW's pain. This is especially bad for them now because they're in the middle of their telethon, which is their big annual fundraiser. You might consider going to their website and looking for information about how to donate to them.)

Anyway, I think I might have had more listeners than usual, and what happens? I end up doing one of the most astonishingly fucked up segments ever. The segment? It was a mic break that turned into a guest spot by Felipe from Songs of an Ex-Pat (which is another show on WCSB). We ended up talking for 20 minutes, singing the Zelda theme song, doing Pokemon impressions, and talking about video games. It probably baffled the hell out of most of the audience. (For some reason, I think that most of the Cleveland college radio audience doesn't play video games.)

And you know what? It was fucking glorious! It was my best radio moment ever! But it probably freaked people out because they had no idea what was going on. You have to hear it...

Oh, and I felt the second hour of the show after that was substandard. I ended up taking a lot of calls (usually I get maybe 2 or 3 per show if I'm lucky), and when you're like me and don't set your playlist in stone before the show, it's more difficult to do a show when you're on the phone much of the time and don't have time to preview and choose selections. (I still haven't gotten a chance to hear any of the bonus remixes on the new Blow reissue, by the way.) So, yeah, I don't think my music programming abilities were at full capacity.

So, I've managed to alienate the audience yet again.

And I say sincerely and unsarcastically: Good.

The integrity of my show is preserved and I will not be spoiled by success.

I'll be with you again next week, true believers. Everyone else... I hope I provided you with at least some amusement for this week at least.

And for those who can't hear the show live...

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

P.S. I had no idea that Felipe did such awesome Pokemon impressions.
P.P.S. In case you didn't see it at the bottom of the playlist post, the clip of How I Met Your Mother which includes "When I Get Up..." by the Wiggins is on the How I Met Your Mother Myspace page. Click here to see it. Congrats again to Jon/The Wiggins!

Just wanted to let it be known that I am an avid listener of your show (though because I can't listen live, I haven't heard this week's rant) and a fairly avid gamer.

I've propably played between 10 to 15 hours of video games this week including, but not limited to, the new Zelda on the Wii and the Simpsons arcade game on my MAME emulator.
Well, if you've downloaded and listened to the show by now, you know that "rant" isn't the right word for it. I'm not sure what word to use for it. But it was so awesome.

And later that day, Felipe got voted in as the new GM of WCSB. That's great! ^_^

Anyway, I don't have a Wii (I haven't progressed beyond PS2 yet and don't know when I will), but I do have MAME. And I have used it to play through the Simpsons arcade game. I'm sure it's weird playing it because that thing was made back when The Simpsons was still fresh and interesting and good.

I just got Fable: The Lost Chapters for the PC, so I've been playing that. It's a fantasy RPG, but it does have an interesting twist to it with how you can choose to be good or evil.
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