Tuesday, May 08, 2007

everytime i hug him, i feel so SHISHO!!!

Big Kiddo CD release show on Saturday! YAAAYYYYY!!! But I'm going to have to miss Daniel Johnston for it. Awwwww!!! :(

I just saw The Devil and Daniel Johnston for the first time this past weekend. It's really incredible, and now I understand why everyone involved in the indie scene in Texas reveres Daniel Johnston as a god...

"Do you really love me?" Yes, I do, Daniel!

By the way, sorry about the confusing way in which I tried to say that "Do You Really Love Me?" and "Tell Me Now" are the same song. You'll hear what I'm referring to when you download the show.

You'll also get to hear one of the most amazing songs ever: Boyracer's cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It may end up being the number one single of the year. Yes, it might actually beat out "Hands Up Baby" by Camera Obscura, or "Anatomy of the Animal's Attitude" by the Hat Company, or even "Bun Bun" by the Afternoon Naps.

And during the show, I found an entry for "shisho" on urbandictionary.com. And I just noticed that it was submitted by people from California. The band, ShiSho, is from Columbus, so they may have had nothing to do with submitting that entry. Which would be amazing because the Urban Dictionary definition perfectly describes the band.

And that's all that I have for now. Here's the show...

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

Dear Eric

Vivian: Hello this is Vivian (from ShiSho)

Midge: We're having so much fun doing, uhm...

Vivian: ..the band.

Midge: yeah, the band. Thank you for uhm, Thank you for liking our little band thing thingie thing.

Vivian: You were the first person to play us on the radio and I think that is really cool.

Midge: Cough cough cough

Vivian: We never heard that definition of "ShiSho" before. But that is funny that the definition is what our music is. Next month we have two big things coming up - a split single with a band called Hyperbubble AND also we've started a record label called Magnetic Bunny and we're going to kick it off with a compilation of all KID BANDS!!!

Midge: So, uhm thank you for uhm.. thank you for putting on your broadcast! I really like it. And I like THe All Girl Summer Fun Band, the Icicles and especially Daniel Johnston.


Vivian and Midge
(transcribed by dad)
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