Tuesday, May 15, 2007

playlist for may 15, 2007

Boyracer "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Jukebox Volume One
Tenacious D "Tribute" Tenacious D
Draco and the Malfoys "Hey Neville" Party Like You're Evil Sampler
Henry's Dress "Sally Wants" Henry's Dress
Boyracer "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Jukebox Volume One
Ash "Punk Boy" Trailer
Pixies "Bone Machine" Surfer Rosa
Boys Star Library "Melonhead" Candycore!
Polvo "Bombs That Fall From Your Eyes" This Eclipse
Shonen Knife "I Am a Cat" Let's Knife
Ladytron "High Rise" Witching Hour
Tullycraft "Every Little Thing" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
Sleater-Kinney "Call The Doctor" Call The Doctor
Morrissey "America Is Not the World" You Are the Quarry
Adult "Glue Your Eyelids Together" Anxiety Always
The Afternoon Naps "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" Live on Boogiepop
Kiddo "K-N-O-C-K-O-U-T" Okay Sweetheart
Guv'ner "Lucky Ladybug" Break a Promise
Tullycraft "Wild Bikini" Beat Surf Fun
The Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like" Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?
Boyracer "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Jukebox Volume One

Howsabout some Boys Star Library?
The mix of music from across oceans and decades, as well as genres, was particularly enjoyable.

I think covers are interesting because we compare them with the original, but of course, someone writing their own poetry/lyrics and putting them to their own music is impressive.
I wasdown in Kentucky on Tuesday. Thank GOODNESS for the internet. I'm downloading the show as we speak.... er, type.

much love,

See you saturday???? Wear a tuxedo!
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