Tuesday, May 29, 2007

playlist for may 29, 2007

Neutral Milk Hotel "Oh Comely" In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Mirah "Green Up Time" Play
Helper T-Cells "Grilled Cheese" Songs For People Who Like Bugs
Bears "Those Years" Shortest Day of the Year
Annemarie "The Living Model" ABC on TV
The Icicles "Gedge's Song" Arrivals & Departures
Magnetic Fields "Epitaph For My Heart" 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 (This song is much better than "World Love"!)
Pelle Carlberg "I Love You, You Imbecile" In a Nutshell
Kiddo "Julia" Okay Sweetheart
Kiddo "Otherguys" Okay Sweetheart
Afternoon Naps "Orange Paw" Live on Boogiepop
Chicks On Speed "Euro Trash Girl" The Unreleases
CSS "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" Cansei De Ser Sexy
Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
The Pancakes "Etienne" Sofa #1
The Mathletes "Rocket" The Hiss That We Have Missed
The Vaselines "Son of a Gun" The Way of the Vaselines
The Hat Company "Cutest Couple on Campus" Fair Weathered Friends (The CD skipped the first two times I tried to play it. That's when I decided to give up on radio.)
The Jena Campaign "A Born Again Christian Upon Reading The Da Vinci Code" A Panda For Amanda
The Panda Squad "(Not So) Elementary" > than or = to
They Might Be Giants "Feign Amnesia" The Else (Accidentally aborted halfway through the song. This made me feel even worse and decide to play a 20-minute song and not go back on the air again before the end of the show)
Tender Trap "6 Billion People" 6 Billion People
Sonic Youth "The Diamond Sea" The Destroyed Room

For the WCSB slug vs. the Chupacabra melee, please play the song which references the different types of dice (4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, etc.)
Vs. the Chupacabra? What Chupacabra?

Anyway, I'll get to the song at some point.
This will be the last show I get to listen to for a while, I am going to be in Belize for all of June, so make it special. Ben requested Disco Dancer by Lil’ Pocket Knife which I like and am reiterating his request. I would also like to hear some icicles. I have been getting into their sound for some reason (shit its like you were reading my mind) creepy. Thanks.
This has been special. Buck up lil' buckaroo! It's all good.
Yes, this show has been particularly "human."
As a member of the audience, I am surprised by how different Eric's perception as the programmer of the show and my perception as the consumer of it. I thought it was the best show in some time. I think technical perfection might not be desirable in a live interactive entertainment medium.
whatever you decide to do, you'e cool with me!

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