Tuesday, May 29, 2007

short statement on today's show

In the middle of today's show, I decided on-air to quit after this week. Perhaps it seemed random and unexpected, but I've considered quitting for personal reasons ever since I came back on the station last summer. The technical mishaps and poor quality of today's show were just the last straw.

I don't know.

It would be a shame for me to go out on such a bad note. Maybe I will try to do one more good show next week. I will have to go do some soul-searching now.

I apologize for all this craziness, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Perhaps I may explain more later, but feel free to post comments in the meantime.

I think sometimes that public performers (I realize it's somewhat of a stretch, but doing a radio show, live on the air, is a performance) don't realize that when they don't perform to their personal standards, the audience often doesn't notice this. Altough I admit the quality of the show today might not have been as excellent as usual it was still good. I just want to make it known that you have at least one loyal and appreciating listener in me. If you leave radio again, there will be no other show on air to fill the void left by your distinct musical tastes.

p.s. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Neutral Milk Hotel never goes unappreciated.
you cannot leave - i will not tolerate it. we all mistakes... it just shows you are human. i too enjoy listening to you show and appreciate the music you play.
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