Friday, June 01, 2007

but can you fake it for just one more show...

Yes, I will do one more show.

Just to clarify things... This isn't about one bad show. This is about one bad show on top of a bunch of misgivings that were already there--and have been there since I came back on the air last summer. I just haven't been quite sure and comfortable with the idea of continuing to do a show.

I had a nice run. But I got my Master's last year, and I'm not going back to school. Maybe it's time for me to give it up for the next generation. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't be a "lifer". (Not that I have anything against anyone who might actually be a "lifer", I just don't think it's right for me.)

Anyway, that's all that I have to say for now. I'm sure I will have more to say later.

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