Tuesday, June 19, 2007

children run away from the man with the calvin

Hm... I think the show is better with Leia there. She kept me more focused and the show seemed more fun.

Although, part of the reason why today's show seemed weird and crazy to me was that I had a bad case of insomnia last night and got maybe 30 minutes of sleep. Eek! :(

Lack of sleep makes the world (I mean, the world as I perceive it) turn surreal, as well as daunting, so if the show was really weird and fucked up to you, that's why.

Oh, and the 2-week reporting period for SoundExchange just began, so I had to do 2 separate playlists during the show (the one in this blog and the one for SoundExchange). That complicates things somewhat.

But you know what was good about the show? I went through with the set of all Calvin Johnson, even though I had no idea if the guy who originally requested it two weeks ago was listening or not. And it was awesome! Loads of dreamy, sexy, deep-voiced Calvin goodness. That was great!

And I also liked how I did the first set of the show, with the Harry Potter songs the seamlessly segued with the ice cream songs after it.

But the parts where I talked on the air weren't so good. And no one took my hint during the second hour and called to ask me out on a date. No one, male or female. So, I guess maybe single twee boys also exist only in fairy tales or in Athens, Georgia. ^_^ (Just kidding of course.)

And no, I'm kidding about expecting listeners to call in to ask me out on a date. But that would have been funny if someone did. And then they'd be all disappointed because I'd have to tell them that they're going to have to pay for the date because I spent all my disposable income on music to play on the show. ^_^

So, next week, I have Helper T-Cells tickets to give away. They're playing on the 28th (that's a Thursday night) at the Beachland. You should call in and get the tickets. You'd really love them if you went. They're a better live band than they are on record because they do lots of fun skits and stuff at their shows. And one time, they did a perfect rendition of the theme from Ren and Stimpy. Awesome!

And then July is going to be big because Mirah, They Might Be Giants, and Harry and the Potters (along with Draco and the Malfoys and the Whomping Willows) will be playing in Cleveland. Actually, those shows are all happening within a week from each other. And I already have reserved a pair of tickets to give away for the Mirah show. Yay! And I'm trying to get TMBG, too. (And I think the HatP show is free.)

And in the space of that same week, the Toledo Indiepop Fest is happening, too!

Oh, and in August, there's going to be an awesome show at the Beachland with Au Revoir Simone and Oh No! Oh My!. I forgot to mention that on the air today.

Anyway, here's the show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

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