Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i'm going on a bear hunt...

So... for right now, at least, I'm not quitting.

But I'm clearly not feeling this whole thing as much as I used to.

If Leia hadn't forced me to come up and do the show (as well as help me do the show), this probably would have just been my last show ever. Seriously. This whole thing isn't a weird publicity stunt, and it's not an artistic plotline, or whatever. Boogiepop is supposed to be just me playing records and talking straightforwardly. And it is. So, if I say that I'm unhappy or thinking about quitting the show, I mean it.

But yeah, thanks to Leia for getting up early just to come up and play records with me.

Oh, and since this show doesn't have its own wiki, I'll just have to clarify a couple parts of today's episode here...

For those who haven't been avid WCSB listeners for the past decade or so, "Chris and Thea" were hosts of a talk show called "Assholier Than Thou" (yes, they actually got away with giving their show that title). They talked a lot about their lives, pop culture, and the unique sort of issues that thirtysomethings face. It sounded weird and not instantly accessible to people at first, but its greatness became apparent to people upon repeated listenings.

Anyway, talking to Leia on the air reminded me of that show.

Second, I played that Star Wars thing at the end of the show just because Leia happened to find it in the big spindle of CDs that she brought up to the show. She didn't realize she had it in that spindle, and when she did, she was like, "You have to play this!" because she hadn't heard it in a while. And since this is WCSB, and we often like to be weird and random on WCSB, I did play it. And on that track, a 17-year-old version of Leia was playing the piccolo. Which is an instrument that apparently sounds like a guinea pig.

So... tune in next week, to see if I get my groove back, or something. To see if my youthful enthusiasm returns. Or I at least get just enough resolve to go through the motions again without any help.

Here's today's show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

I had always thought I heard "Baby Fea" rather than "Baby Thea."
Yes, you did hear "Baby Fea". That was a nickname for her that they used sometimes. But her name is Thea (and I'm pretty sure that Chris did call her by just regular old "Thea" on the show).

I wish I knew where that "Baby Fea" nickname came from. I have no clue. It's one of the eccentricities that made the show what it was.
One option might be again to use the webcam. We could then watch you talk to your guests.
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