Thursday, June 21, 2007

pancakes! yum, yum!

Every once in a while, I'll try to go on YouTube to look for stuff. So, today, I tried typing in "the pancakes" (The Pancakes are my favorite pop band from Hong Kong... and all of China, really) and Pancakes-related stuff came up! Yay!

Remember that one Pancakes song, "Etienne", which I played every so often. I found a live performance of it. The lyrics are all sung in Chinese, though, and Dejay doesn't seem to sing the name "Etienne" at any point. But I know the tune, so I'm sure it's that song.

And here's a live video of "Rock Guitar". It's not the whole song, but it's 2 minutes long, and it's in English. Yay!

And here's a girl from America doing a cover of the Pancakes' song "Martin". Cute!

There's a little bit more on YouTube, but that's all that I feel like posting.

(If you're looking to download the latest episode of Boogiepop, scroll down to the end of the next post.)

I thought the show was great.

I will be moving and I will end up in Bulgaria on 8 July. I hope when I get there, I will not lose access to WCSB. I have contacted my congresspeople to support the Internet Radio Equality Act.
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