Tuesday, June 12, 2007

playlist for june 12, 2007

Jens Lekman "Jens Lekman's Farewell Song to Rocky Dennis" Oh you're so silent Jens
Palomar "Bury Me Closer" All Things, Forests
The Free Design "Love You" Sing For Very Important People
The Yummies "Patty Cake" [?]
The Mathletes "Graduation Song" Yay 4 Cuteness
Peter Pan Players "On The Good Ship Lollipop" On The Good Ship Lollipop
Casper & the Cookies "Kiss A Friend" The Optimist's Club
The Fun & Games "Elephant Candy" Elephant Candy
Ed in the Refridgerators "Sea Monkeys" It Could Happen To You
They Might Be Giants "The Mesopotamians" The Else
Peter Pan Players "Bunny Hop" Bunny Hop
Peter Pan Players "Apple On a Stick" Bunny Hop
Daniel Johnston "Casper The Friendly Ghost" Yip/Jump Music
Sifl and Olly "Llama School" Songs of Season 1
Sebadoh "Brand New Love" Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock
Entertainment System "Punch Out!!-Password, Fight!" The Computer Always Cheats
Black Cabbage "I Wish I Was Cool Enough For Cosplay"
Black Cabbage
Magnetic Fields "I'm Tongue-Tied" i
Belle and Sebastian "Mary Jo" Tigermilk
The Would-Be-Goods "The Camera Loves Me" The Camera Loves Me
Entertainment System "Sonic 2-Chemical Plant Zone" The Computer Always Cheats
The Mathletes "Anime Convention" Jest & Earnest
The Pipettes "Guess Who Ran Away With the Milkman?" Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me EP
The Gossip "Yr Mangled Heart" Live In Hamburg
Peter Pan Players "Que Sera Sera" Do Re Mi
The Grade Grubbers "Shirtless Midnight Snack" Let's Kiss To Make It Real
ShiSho "Courtney Sat On a Rock" ShiSho/Hyperbubble split 7"
The Free Design "Kites Are Fun" Sing For Very Important People
The Icicles "La Ti Da" Arrivals & Departures

Leia sounds incredibly cute.
Show requestezez:

Daniel Johnston - Casper the Friendly Ghost

ShiSho - Courtney Sat on a Rock and or Rocks and Penalties

Something great by Sebedoh (everyone says how good they are.. but I haven't heard anything g r e a t by them).

Forestry Fighers - Forestry Fighters

Those are my requests. Have a groovy show.

Kristopher Columbus
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