Tuesday, June 19, 2007

playlist for june 19, 2007

The Whomping Willows "Whore For Dumbledore" The Whomping Willows
Draco and the Malfoys "Broomstick" Draco and the Malfoys
Remus and the Lupins "Expecto Patronum" Born to Howl
Remus and the Lupins "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" Born to Howl
Amy Kasio "Blow Up the Ice Cream Truck" Live performance on Tea and Strumpets
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers "Ice Cream Man" Rock 'N' Roll With the Modern Lovers
Buntelope "Ice Cream Boat" Yay 4 Cuteness
The Icicles "Chasing Fireflies" Arrivals & Departures
Dub Narcotic Sound System "Hand Clappin'" Hand Clappin'
The Halo Benders "Freedom Ride" God Don't Make No Junk
Beat Happening "Cat Walk" Jamboree
Pansy Division "Jackson" Pile Up
Calvin Johnson & Mark Pickerel "Sand" Total Lee! The Songs of Lee Hazlewood
Calvin Johnson "Rabbit Blood" Before The Dream Faded
Black Cabbage "Calvin Johnson North Dakota Van Wreck" Black Cabbage
Kim, Thurston, + Epic "Black Candy" Fortune Cookie Prize
Papas Fritas "Hey Hey You Say" HELIOSELF
Sinkcharmer "Kayaderosseras Creek" Vegetable Farmer
Saturday Looks Good To Me "All The Sidewalk Birds" Money In the Afterlife 7"
Sloan "The Lines You Amend" One Chord To Another
Belle and Sebastian "The Gate" Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
The Afternoon Naps "Clean Bill of Health" Live on Boogiepop
Oh No! Oh My! "Walk In the Park" Oh No! Oh My!
Au Revoir Simone "Stars" The Bird of Music
Annemarie "Bubble gum I see" ABC on TV
They Might Be Giants "Climbing The Walls" The Else
The Hat Company "Tide" Fair Weathered Friends
Beat Happening "The Hangman" Jamboree

I loved the show today... Really!
I hope you don't forget to send me a kiss next week, as this was not possible today... ;)
Well, just kidding... But this wouldn't be a bad ideia...
If I can't listen to the show next week I'll download it, ok?
Thanks for the amazing morning!!!

Carol (from Brazil)
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