Tuesday, July 31, 2007

playlist for july 31, 2007

Mirah and Spectratone International "Gestation of the Sacred Beetle" Share This Place
Ladybug Transistor "Thoughts of You" Beverley Atonale
Harry and the Potters "Bacon" Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice
Red Pony Clock "Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are" God Made Dirt
Midtown Dickens "Airplane" Oh Yell!
The Smittens "C'mon (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green)" Let It Bee
Arrah and the Ferns "Emo Phillips" Evan Is a Vegan
Annemarie "Wonderboy" ABC ON TV
Baby Calendar "Way of the Samurai" Gingerbread Dog

***live performance by Patience Please***
"Coal Enough For Steam"

Wire "Map Ref. 41 N 93 W" 154
Boat "Come With Me, We'll Win" Let's Drag Our Feet
Racetrack "Sure Thing!" Go Ahead and Say It
The Hat Company "Lu Lu" Fair Weathered Friends
The Chills "Rain" Brave Words
Magnetic Fields "Plant White Roses" 5 Rows of Teeth

***live performance by Patience Please***
"Blue Line"
"If You're Sure"
"Too Forthright"

R.E.M. "Life and How to Live It" Fables of the Reconstruction
The Afternoon Naps "Orange Paw" Sunbeamed

Great show today! Sometimes band members would talk without waiting to get a microphone which made hearing them a little challenging, but of course they were speaking out of enthusiasm.

Have you thought about posting your shows with guests on some big web site, like CMJ? Of course, I don't know anything about the copyright and permission requirements by everyone involved.
I enjoyed the show. It is always great to hear some live music and conversations with someone other than yourself. Not that what you say on the air when you are alone is a bad thing, it is just more better with interaction.

I have been a total shlub lately. I have not made it to any shows since I got home and will miss the Afternoon Naps again :( Your enthusiasm is inspiring and I say no more couch potatoing. Although there is little I can do about being out of town and missing weeknight shows, I am out and about this weekend.

it's "coal enough for steam"
great show!
I knew that. I thought I corrected that typo already. :(

Oh well...
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