Tuesday, July 10, 2007

yay! trumpet!

The Afternoon Naps album is done! So, now you can hear "Bun Bun" with the same epic trumpet part that they do at their live shows! And you can hear other songs that you've never heard outside of one of their shows.

The physical CD version of the album isn't out yet, but you can buy/sample MP3s at the Afternoon Naps Myspace site.

And of course, I actually bought all the songs before the show, even though they probably would have given me the CD for free (no, I'm not like Evan Dando... I don't get all my records for free, just the Afternoon Naps' stuff). I had to get the whole thing right now!

And what else did I play on my show?

Well, I did a brief block of songs in Spanish because there was a listener from Spain on the Internet. And then the listener from Spain betrayed me by leaving right before I announced the songs from that set! That made me quite sad.

Oh, and if you download the second part of the show, I should tell you that I started recording it halfway through my mic break at the top of the 10:00 hour. I missed the part during which I said that perhaps Boyracer's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" wasn't really the greatest song in the world. I suspect that it may really be "Oh, Comely" by Neutral Milk Hotel. The part at the end of the song with the Siamese twins freezing to death is incredible... "Goldline my dear, we will fold and freeze together. Far away from here, there is sun and spring and green forever, but now we move to feel for ourselves in some stranger's stomach. Place your body here, let your skin begin to blend with mine." Holy shit!

(If you listen closely at the end of "Oh, Comely", there's someone who yells "Holy shit!" at the end of the song. The story behind that song is that Jeff Mangum recorded the singing and guitar in one take. Originally, he was just going to run through a verse or two to test the placement of the mics, but instead, he just went through the song and gave what could be the performance of his life. And one of his bandmates who was listening in the other room was so moved that he just yelled "Holy shit!" at the end.)

You know how it seems like with a lot of people that they stop seeking out new music at some point in their lives? Like they'll just keep listening to whatever was popular when they were a teenager or when they were in their mid-20s? I think Neutral Milk Hotel has brought me to a point like that, in which I feel that it's unnecessary to listen to anything new.

But then again, I want somebody to try to top Aeroplane. Or at least match it. DON'T SAY THAT YOU CAN'T DO IT! TRY! JUST FUCKING TRY! TAKE YOUR FUCKING METAPHYSICAL WORLDVIEW AND MAKE AN EPIC OUT OF IT! We'll never advance human civilization beyond the astounding achievement that is Aeroplane if you just give up like that and don't even try to aim high!

(And that's an open plea to anyone who comes across this page. Anyone. Please give me a reason to think that there isn't anywhere else to go but down.)

Anyway, with that craziness said, here's the show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

I have come to agree with you about Aeroplane.
I don't think they'll/He'll resurface again in this life
(Buddhist thought) to say anything more. The live
birthday things on utube are eerie to me: a special
caught a ghost on film type of feeling watching 'em.
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