Tuesday, August 21, 2007

playlist for august 21, 2007

Marshmallow Coast "Seniors & Juniors" Seniors & Juniors
Nada Surf "Popular" High/Low
bis "ninja hi skool" intendo
Camera Obscura "Suspended From Class" Underachievers Please Try Harder
The Ditty Bops "Wishful Thinking" The Ditty Bops
Normandie Wilson "Don't Be Shy (Love Song for Pandas)" Glitter Patter
Nedelle "Ghost Ships" The Locksmith Cometh
Candypants "Happy Guy" Patty Duke Fanzine #6: Love to Patty
The Hot Toddies "HTML" Smell The Mitten
Midtown Dickens "Tetris" Oh Yell!
Palomar "Top Banana" All Things, Forests
The Pipettes "Really That Bad" Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me EP
Patience Please "If You're Sure" Fleeting Frequencies
Sinkcharmer "The Devil Got Sent to Georgia" Vegetable Farmer
The Mathletes "Animals" Fort Awesome
The Smittens "The Garden" A Little Revolution
Mirah and Spectratone International "Song of Psyche" Share This Place
The Brunettes "Structure & Cosmetics" Structure & Cosmetics
The Wiggins "Phone Remedy" [unreleased]
Noise Addict "Phone Remedy" DEF
The Wiggins "Back In Your Life" [unreleased]
Noise Addict "Back In Your Life" Young and Jaded
Northern State "Oooh Girl" Can I Keep This Pen?
Le Tigre "Seconds" This Island
Freezepop "Less Talk More Rokk" Less Talk More Rokk single
Le Tigre "Eau D'Bedroom Dancing" Le Tigre
Strong Bad "Everybody to the Limit (live)" Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits
Poison Control Center "Glory Us" Glory Us EP
Le Tigre "I'm So Excited" This Island

killer show, cupcake.

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