Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yes... I had a treat for any of you who like wizard rock. Right after my big Harry Potter Book 7 pre-release show, I found out about Potterwatch, and I had to have them (him) on my show.

The guy from Potterwatch (Joshua) is really cool, by the way. As I said right before the end of the show, when he went looking through our CDs, the first one that he happened to pull was the Brak album, which features the song "Magic Toenail". Those of you familiar with my whole radio career know the full significance of that...

So, we got four songs out of him, plus a really eloquent interview. My favorite part was when he talked about how DIY the whole wizard rock scene is. The way he described is enough to give any indie rock true believer goosebumps. I think it's a pretty good argument as to why wizard rock deserves serious appreciation and isn't just a ridiculous joke.

Oh, and his answer to the question of the Harry Potter character that he best identifies with was also a really good one. I appreciate the good natured bit of self-deprecation he tossed in there. ^_^

As for other stuff in the show... There's a new Cars Can Be Blue single called "Doctor" that's really awesome. Also, I played the studio version of "Antediluvian" by Patience Please, which you heard them play live on the show a few weeks ago.

OH NO! I forgot to mention that I'm filling in for Stand Clear of the Closing Doors again this Sunday. That's from noon to 2 p.m. You'll listen, right? Even though I forgot to mention it on the air?

I think that's all that I have to say for now. Here are the MP3s of the show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

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