Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 more shows...

I have a big announcement that I didn't make on the air...

I'm going on an indefinite hiatus for personal reasons. My last show will be on the 18th. By "indefinite hiatus", I mean that I won't be doing the show every week, but I won't quit the station and may fill in for other programmers from time-to-time.


I BEG YOU TO GO AND SEE THE HELPER T-CELLS THIS SATURDAY! They're having a CD release show. They're the most underrated band in Cleveland, and the problem is that they're better live than they are on record. And it's hard to promote them on the radio because I'm not allowed to make "qualitative statements" when promoting shows. On here, though... I can say that it's GOING TO KICK ASS! They're going to have an ice cream social at Music Saves at 8 p.m. before the show. That's twee as fuck! And at their last show, they reenacted The State's "$240 Worth of Pudding" skit in the middle of one of their songs. Do you have any idea how awesome that is?!

Oh, and they're also on the latest HHBTM comp. HHBTM is really awesome indiepop label based in Athens, so it's great that the T-Cells have a song on one of their comps.

And now, for your downloading pleasure, the show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

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