Tuesday, September 04, 2007

playlist for september 4, 2007

sloshy "we don't really even care about you" sbemail175
Mirah and Spectratone International "My Lord Who Hums" Share This Place
Normandie Wilson "Happy to Be a Grown-Up" Glitter Patter
Bears "Nothing Was Wrong" Summer Tour
The Helper T-Cells "Hay Is For Horses" Happy Happy Birthday to Me Vol. 4
The High Water Marks "Poison Remedy" Polar
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Cutie Pie" All Girl Summer Fun Band
Afternoon Naps "Postcard" Sunbeamed
The Hot Toddies "HTML" Smell The Mitten
The Ditty Bops "June Gloom" Pack Rat
Art In Manila "Anything You Love" Set the Woods On Fire
The Jena Campaign "If You Sing It, Sing It Softly" The Jena Campaign
Sonic Youth "Electricity" Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition)
The Helper T-Cells "The Wallaby Song" WRUW's Live From Cleveland 1/11/07
Red Pony Clock "Twelve Color Step" God Made Dirt
The Mathletes "Seeing Other People" ...Own Other People's Songs
Midtown Dickens "Eggs & Toast" Oh Yell!
Potterwatch "Quidditch Is Simple" Live on Boogiepop 8/28/07
Draco and the Malfoys "Mother, Stop Being Ridiculous" Party Like You're Evil
Poison Control Center "Glory Us" Glory Us
Postal Blue "Summer Is What You Call It" Postal Blue
Celestial "The Boy Who Never Says Goodbye" Celestial
Trembling Blue Stars "Say Goodbye to the Sea" The Last Holy Writer
Sambassadeur "Marie" Coastal Affairs EP
Math and Physics Club "Last Dance" Math and Physics Club
Bikini Kill "For Only" Reject All American
The Mathletes "Choking Tara" ...Own Other People's Songs
The Helper T-Cells "India Rose and Her Ten Tiny Toes" WRUW's Live From Cleveland 1/11/07

What did they say in that song, The Hot Toddies, "smell the mitten", something about a salesman from Ohio?? What kind of salesman??
The song is called "HTML", actually...

And they say "Last night, while you were offline, I googled your name. And I found out, you're a 40-year-old innertube salesman from Ohio. WTF? I thought you were the one for me, but you're a major loser. And now, I will always be lonelygirl15."
cool...thanks for the quick reply..great show by the way, it's part of my Tuesday morning routine.

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