Friday, March 28, 2008

march 26, 2008

Filled in for a show from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The part at the beginning where I came on the air really sucked. Partly due to my lack of speed with getting organized and also partly due to a couple of people talking close by while I was on the air.

But everything after that was really good.

Oh, but I did incorrectly refer to The Pharmacy as "Choose Yr Own Adventure". Choose Yr Own Adventure is the name of their album. I didn't know because I hadn't seen their album until right before going on the air, and I pulled it just because it looked good.

And Harley Poe fucking rules!


Part 1 (of 3)
Part 2 (of 3)
Part 3 (of 3)

Bunnygrunt "Tonight You Belong to Me"
Afternoon Naps "Sun Ain't the Same"
Best Friends Forever "Mountain Song"
Helen Love "Shut Your Mouth"
Ruby Isle "Into the Black"
The Hot Toddies "Jaguar Love"
Kiddo "Through Being Cool"

The Lucksmiths "Smokers In Love"
The Softies "As Skittish As Me"
Harley Poe "I Could Always Eat Your Brain"
New Grenada & Ten Words For Snow "Clock Out"
Beat Happening "Cat Walk"
Strawberry Story "Ashlands Road"
Trouble Books "Transient Color Glories"
Red Pony Clock "Ben"

Tilly and the Wall "Beat Control"
Kate Nash "Caroline's a Victim"
Brassy "All-New"
The Muttering Retreats "Stars" [Are Blind]
Beach House "All the Year"
ShiSho "Punk Rawk Boy"
Cars Can Be Blue "You're So Cute"
Cars Can Be Blue "Used to Think"

Dumbledore "WizardPartay2Nite"
Amy Kasio "Blow Up the Ice Cream Truck"
Le Tigre "Eau D'Bedroom Dancing"
Jellybean! "Drug Deal Boyfriend"
Apples In Stereo "Dreams"
Sealove "Saddest Song"
The Make Up "The Bells"
Kenickie "Can I Take U 2 the Cinema"

Asobi Seksu "Stay Awake"
Bunnygrunt "1000% Not Creepy"
The Up Set "A Melody For Melanie"
BMX Bandits "I Wanna Fall In Love"
Singing Bridges "On Y Va"
Harley Poe "Prom Night"

Saturday Looks Good To Me "Until the World Stop Spinning"
Nothing Painted Blue "K For Karnival"
Basia Bulat "In the Night"
Ballboy "You Can't Spend Your Whole Life Hanging Around With Arseholes"
The Pharmacy "Black Ice Cream"
Jellybean! "99 Problems"
The Pastels "Firebell Ringing"
Aberdeen "Emma's House"

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